Neuroscience provides us with a scientific basis for understanding why we do what we do and how we choose to go about doing it – our values, behaviours, attitudes, and experience. This topic encompasses a wide and ever-growing field of research and discovery across multiple disciplines, and Learning Partners has been working with and learning from the Thought Leaders in this field since 2007, including Steve Peters, Elaine Fox, Gillie McNeill, Dario Nardi, V. S. Ramachandran, Joseph LeDoux, and Antonio Damasio amongst many more.

At Learning Partners, we focus on people, using the latest discoveries in neuroscience to drive innovation in our solutions and interventions and make sure that our clients reap the benefits of our research. Our team members are skilled in describing complex neurological theories in ways that make the subject approachable, relevant, and applicable.

Two of our directors, Jacqy Munro and Mandy Geal, hold Certificates in Applied Neuroscience as well as being NLP Master Practitioners.

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