How Exercise Boosts the Brain - Barry Johnson

Don’t think you’re too old to start. Even a very gentle regime (such as walking for 30 minutes a few times a week for a course of six months) worked really well for a group of over-60s, who began to show similar brain connectivity to people decades younger, along with improved recall.

If you are not that old then you have an advantage! We have all read the stuff on exercise as a preventative for heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, obesity, cancer. Now add Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and depression. It even boosts memory. And it has the potential to prevent more premature deaths than any other single treatment, with none of the side effects of actual medication. “It’s a wonder drug,” says a raft of articles in the New Scientist.

There’s probably not a single organ in the body that’s unaffected by exercise. Now we are not saying you have to dash off to the local gym, or a session in the swimming pool, or a jog round the park, but it would help. Not only that, but you have time to think more carefully about your current ideas and projects.

So you want to climb the slippery pole to the heights in your organisation. You want to earn more to provide for your family. You want to learn the stuff that the guys in the technology department are rattling on about. Then the solution is simple - find time for exercise every day.

Don’t believe me? Get a copy of Why Choosing The Right Workout Could Fine-Tune Your Brain from the New Scientist.

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