3 Habits of Successful Salespeople - Mandy Geal

What makes certain people so good at selling? What differentiates a high flier from a ne’er do well? While factors such as the company culture or the product/service being sold can certainly influence a person’s success, we’ve found that there are three particular habits exhibited by successful salespeople across a variety of organisations. Perhaps unsurprisingly, many of the people we interviewed had worked for several companies and could make useful comparisons when sharing their experience.

Habit No. 1
1. Successful salespeople invested as much time in building relationships within their own company as they did with their prospects and clients.
This had many advantages. When the salespeople needed internal resources and support to deal with customer requests, solve problems, or to provide information, help was willingly provided. Internal staff saw the value in being customer focused, as it brought success.

Habit No. 2
2. Successful salespeople gave credit to the internal staff who had helped them achieve the deals.
A thank you and some recognition go a long way in showing respect and building trust.

Habit No. 3
3. Successful salespeople regularly coached their pre-sales support people. For example after a sales demonstration, they would give feedback on the things their technical support people did well and things to avoid. Don't say that, say this!
This is a win win. How many sales people can remember their technical support person raising unnecessary concerns? Whereas a thoroughly briefed technical expert answering questions with a sales mindset reassures and convinces the nervous and/or cynical prospect. For the pre-sales people this coaching builds the skills to transition into a sales role, with some degree of knowledge and experience.

McKinsey & Company published an article entitled, “To improve sales, pay more attention to presales.”

As a final observation, salespeople who were aware of the different preferences of their clients were able to create fabulous rapport and empathy. But more of that subject on another day…