Audit and Compliance Software

Creating a vision or strategy to drive the business is hard enough, but how do you cascade that through the organisation into everyday actions that are measured, monitored, and visible?  How do you keep the whole business focused on delivering the important and not just the urgent?  How do you implement rapid change without losing momentum and focus? Our cloud-based transMission Tool increases efficiency, drives consistency and accuracy, and delivers significant time savings. The Task Manager automates deadlines and standards to provide consistent communication and control. The Audit Tool drives best practice by integrating standards into daily work and provides a management dashboard so that individuals’ performance and compliance are always visible. The Survey Tool provides regular feedback about company performance from employees and customers.transMission ensures that once strategies and tasks have been agreed, they become embedded and are never overlooked.transMission can be used for:

  • Corporate governance and compliance
  • Cross-functional team alignment
  • Project and critical path automation
  • Team goal alignment, objectives and performance monitoring
  • Functional and team audits
  • Individual performance KPIs and reviews
  • Employee and customer satisfaction surveys.