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 [[{"fid":"202","view_mode":"default","fields":{"format":"default","field_file_image_alt_text[und][0][value]":"Learning Pathways Logo","field_file_image_title_text[und][0][value]":"Learning Pathways Logo"},"type":"media","attributes":{"alt":"Learning Pathways Logo","title":"Learning Pathways Logo","class":"media-element file-default"}}]] 70:20:10Research on learning has shown that:

  • 70% occurs in the workplace from on-the-job experiences, working on tasks and problems.20% comes from feedback and coaching by people supporting the learning.10% comes from professionals, such as trainers and mentors, and is essential to establish best practice, tools and techniques.

However, most of us have been on many training courses, and many of us have had difficulty recalling the learning six months later. Furthermore, much of the learning can fail to become embedded in our everyday working practices and fail to deliver the required return on investment.To help overcome this problem Learning Partners now provides a comprehensive end-to-end 70:20:10 learning solution, through a wide variety of products and services coupled with e-learning software to help embed learning.To address the 20:10 we offer:

  • tailored learning events, with best practice, practical tools and techniques, feedback and coaching using the latest thinking in neuroscience;targeted coaching with expert feedback.

To address the 70 we offer:

  • Our new Learning Pathways interactive e-learning software, which embeds the skills, tools and techniques and reinforces learning whilst the individual is performing his or her daily routine.

 Benefits of Learning PathwaysThe key benefits of the Learning Pathways Software are:

  • Increased productivity and quicker time to productivity;
  • Greater return on training investment and the ability to gather RIO data;
  • Increased morale and engagement with the organisation;
  • Embedding and reinforcing of the desired skills, with encouragement of self-directed learning;
  • Promotion of a mentoring and learning culture, involving managers to increase accountability.

 Learning Pathways SoftwareThis software consists of a number of Pathways each made up of a small number of Modules, each of which typically take up to two weeks to complete. The Modules are designed to take you through the logical and progressive steps to achieve the learning objectives for the Pathway. Each module consists of a number of Activities, which are completed whilst in the workplace. Each Activity contains downloadable hand-outs and exercises to provide theory and techniques.  The exercises in each ModuleTracking ProgressIt’s important to track progress through the Pathway to reinforce learning and increase confidence and motivation.  You can do this using documentation that supports the practical exercises, drawn from Learning Partners’ extensive learning and development experience.Learning Partners also provides an experienced mentor to help guide you through the pathway and help answer any questions. This means that there is a supportive and experienced person, independent of the workplace, who reassures you that you are ‘on the right track’. You can involve your line manager at any point and use the outputs from the Activities in discussions.  The learning outcomes, behaviours and techniques can be included in your Performance Management System or Continuous Professional Development documentation.To accelerate and embed learning, and to provide evidence of your growing capability, commitment and learning, the mentor can see and give helpful feedback and advice about three things that are tracked and recorded at the end of each Activity:

  • The evidence of the completed exercise;
  • Brief notes on what you are committing to do after each Activity;
  • Summary of what you have learned.

 EvaluationAt the end of each Module you can evaluate your progress in the following two ways:1. Value Add CalculatorThe Pathways offer opportunities to add value to your team and organisation, such as better and timelier decisions, improvement in relationships. You can use the Value Add Calculator at the end of each Module to work out the value of these improvements, and share this information with your manager to demonstrate the value of your learning to the team and organisation2. Feedback QuestionnairesOn predetermined Modules along the Pathway there is the opportunity to complete a short feedback questionnaire that will help evaluate your learning using a rating scale. Current Pathways are:

  • Assertiveness
  • Self Awareness, Self Control and Self Confidence.

More Pathways are in development.