Leadership and Strategy

Organisations need clear strategic direction and great leadership to deliver excellent results. The costs of poor leadership include lack of long-term focus, high levels of work-related stress and attrition, and wasted resources. Great leaders must therefore be able to define and communicate strategy, show empathy, and stay resilient under the pressure to deliver, quarter after quarter. Organisations that invest in their leaders benefit from increased motivation, productivity, and quality in all employees.Working with Learning Partners will give your leaders powerful communication skills and insight into motivation and behaviour so that they deliver higher performance with a better competitive edge to your organisation. We enable your leaders to make the smallest amount of change to achieve the maximum benefit, increasing the likelihood of success and saving time, cost, and resources. Our leadership programmes are tailored to suit the goals, culture, and values of your organisation and offer a range of services that benefit from our knowledge and experience of applied neuroscience.  Our most popular products are:Leadership Skills Programmes  tailored 2-3 day programmesLeadership Coachingsingle or multiple sessions  in face-to-face, telephone or Skype format.e-Learning Pathways – interactive web-based modular software to help embed new skills and reinforce learning, including feedback from a Learning Partners mentor. It is designed to address the 70 in the 70:20:10 learning principle. Other Leadership and Strategy services are:Leadership Team Effectiveness Workshopsone to two day workshops, based around real work challenges to improve the team-working e.g. decision-making and communication skills, within the team and with other teams.Facilitation of Strategy Workshops and Conferencestailored design and management of specific ‘away day’ and launch events, often based around culture change.Leadership Development Centresone or two day events designed to observe and assess behaviours in simulations of real-life scenarios within the organisation - often used to assess leadership potential in key talent groups.360 Questionnaires and Psychometrics (e.g. MBTI)these support the workshops and coaching and offer insights; e.g. into leadership styles.Balanced Leadership Team Profiling – our unique model, linked to MBTI that helps a leadership team assess its collective behaviours, strengthen its impact and drive rapid transformation to operational excellence.Communication Strategiesconsultancy services to help leaders convey critical messages; e.g. values and culture. Leadership and Strategy Resources