Products & Services

Learning PartnersProducts & Services

Leadership Transformation

Balanced Leadership Model

Leadership Skills Programme

Emotional Logic Tool-kit

Leadership, Transition & Resilience Coaching

Organisation Development

Facilitation of Strategy Workshops, Conferences

Values - Design & Embedding

Communication Strategies

Competency Framework Database

Rapid Transformation Tool-kit

Performance Profiing Tool-kit

transMission Software Tool

People Processes - Design, Guides, Training

Performance Management Tool-kit

Talent Management Model & Tool-kit

High Potential Programmes

On-line Development Tool-kit

Career Development Tool-kit

Recruitment Tool-kit & Development Centres

Team Transformation

Team Effectiveness Diagnostic & Workshop

The High-performing Team Tool-kit

Team Coaching

Coaching Transformation






Interpersonal Tool-kits

360° Questionnaires & Psychometrics

The 'Creative Brain' Tool-kit

Emotional Logic Tool-kit

Interpersonal Tool-kit

On-line Development Guide

Training & Development

Communication/ Facilitation/ Inflencing/ Conflct

Consulting Skills

Core Management, Team Leadership Skills

Assertiveness/ Time Management/ Project Management

Selling at 'C' Level/ Customer Service Skills

Change Management

Graduate Development

Development Centres

Pink denotes Learning Partners 'USPs'
How to use this Products and Services table:

  1. Look along the 6 key areas at the top of the table
  2. Decide which area(s) of your business you want to improve or transform
  3. Look down the column(s) to identify which products and services are relevant
  4. Notice that these products and services add value to other areas and can form an integrated programme of transformation

Please contact us to discuss tailoring these products and services so that we can help deliver to your specific needs
and organisational goals. We can also wrap our products and services around your existing programmes.