Change and Innovation Resources

Aligning Change Management and Talent Management - Masterclass

Using a case study from SAP this Masterclass steps through an integrated programme of change and talent management with guest speaker from SAP.  The case study provides insights and practical tips including:

  • Creating an integrated model of aligned Change Management and Talent Management
  • Developing mindsets for change, personal growth and Talent Engagement
  • How targets can drive or inhibit change and Talent Optimisation
  • The role of feedback in underpinning change and Talent Development


Spectacular ROI – Culture Change in Bombardier - Webinar

Using a case study from Bombardier Transportation this webinar steps through the approach and activities of a culture change programme that resulted in a 400% increase in revenue within a year and other successes.  

The webinar covers 4 key areas:

  • Taking an integrated approach to culture change
  • Aligning change outcomes to KPIs
  • Creating resilience in people
  • Increasing performance through effective teamwork