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Spectacular ROI – Culture Change in Bombardier - Webinar

Using a case study from Bombardier Transportation this webinar steps through the approach and activities of a culture change programme that resulted in a 400% increase in revenue within a year and other successes.  

The webinar covers 4 key areas:

  1. Taking an integrated approach to culture change
  2. Aligning change outcomes to KPIs
  3. Creating resilience in people
  4. Increasing performance through effective teamwork



Management Performance

This article looks at what exemplar managers DO to manage the performance of their people rather than the processes, procedures and paperwork that the organisation attempts to impose on them.

Management Performance.pdf


The Reality of Performance Management

This article uses the example of two sporting achievements to highlight how managers can make real measurable changes in performance, the factors we need to bring the changes about and the effects on other people. It is recommended reading for all managers.

The Reality of Performance Management.pdf


The Proof of the Pudding

This article looks at the background and application of a feedback model that builds confidence and motivation in the receiver, reinforces successful behaviours and gives a framework for tackling potentially difficult areas for improvement.  The net result is to build trust and respect between the giver and receiver of feedback and thereby reduces feedback avoidance.

The Proof of the Pudding.pdf


Is Performance Appraisal Valid?

This article challenges the mid 20th century approach to appraisal and challenges its purpose in a 21st century organisation.

Is Performance Appraisal Valid?.pdf


Action on Age

The working population is aging.  The number of young people entering the work force is falling.  This article explores what some leading companies are doing to ensure they can operate effectively in this new and changing employment environment.  It is recommended reading for all strategy managers and HR Directors.

Action on Age.pdf


Let’s Be Clear

This article proposes that some clear thought is given to the descriptions we have for processes.

Let's Be Clear.pdf